Summer 2013, well, almost!

Here it is, June 18th and it feels very much like summer. I took some pictures yesterday and wanted to post how lovely the upper garden area looks.

Here’s our firepit. A bit too warm for a fire right now but the weather changes quickly around here.

Tim and I love sitting around the contorted filbert, which is an interesting tree all year round. That’s my stained glass piece hanging from the gazebo. I love the shadow of the gazebo against the pavers. Very cool.

Poor Brutus can’t come in the upper garden. Seconds inside and he leaves giant paw prints all through my raised beds. But he’s ever so patient and waits for me to come out.

Getting any dog to sit still and look at you at the same time for a picture is really difficult but I have tricks up my sleeve! Whenever we are about to go ‘bye bye’ I ask him if he wants to go with me. So I asked him that and you can see by the look on his face that’s he’s very keenly listening to me, and unbeknownst to him, posing very nicely!

This is a very cool gargoyle water fountain but my ever-busy husband has not had the time to hook power up to it. Maybe next summer.

Upper garden entrance. This is where Brutus sits and waits for me while I’m inside pulling spinach, watering, planting something new in the beds.

Another fire-pit angle with pond in the distance.

Peek-a-boo shot of garden shed and several green houses.

Brutus enjoying the shade.

General summer shot.

I was cracking myself up by putting my hat on Brutus but he wouldn’t sit still and I couldn’t manage him, the hat, and the camera all at the same time so this was as good as it got for a picture. But I was laughing and he seemed amused too.

I just love these gorgeous pink roses that Tim picked out two summers ago. They grow amazingly well and are quite romantic, not to mention frame everything in the garden so spectacularly. Oh, and they smell heavenly. It’s a real pleasure to be in the upper garden and have the breeze waft this fragrance all around me.

This is standing in the back of the upper garden, looking back towards the house. I just love the roses on this one.

The roses just say, “pow!”.

The pond area is not yet landscaped but I like the climbing red roses that we just planted last year. They haven’t grown much but the red is so pretty.

Orchard shot showing my pumpkins and squashes with their matching corn stock.

Nasturtiums are one of my favorite flowers. Ask Tim, I’ve got hundreds planted all throughout the yard.

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