Summer, 2015

I have so many new vegetables, both in and out of the greenhouses. Potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onion (red, walla walla, green, etc.), broccoli, asparagus (this is a perennial so it’s always there), garlic, cauliflower, squashes, pumpkins, many lettuces and spinach and so much more.

My herbs came back with a vengeance from last year with almost no extra care from me. My sage is blooming beautiful purple flowers right now and though I thought I had dug up most of my invasive mint, it’s also back. The Thyme is flourishing so it most feel at home. I had to slug it out with the slugs (joke) over the dill but those poor herbs seem to have come out on top. My rosemary is still small so I won’t be touching that for another year or so.

All my fruits look to have produced enough buds along with enough bee help to offer what appears to be a prolific season ahead. Awesome! I love to can and preserve so that will definitely keep me busy later this summer.

All in all Mother Nature has bee very good to my micro farm. It certainly is enough to sustain us and keep us as busy as the bees!

Anne Moss