Building and Maintaining a Compost Bin

I want to build my compost bin molded after the one that “Rob at OneStraw‘s Compost Bin of Dreams” web site shows.

I like his format because they use 16’ boards and I wanted four bins so that works out perfectly!

I’ve copied two images here so you can see what it is supposed to look like! Here’s the first shot of his:

Each “Stall” as Rob puts it is 36″ deep by 39″ tall. This allows for minimum waste. The cedar slats in the front are made from decking so they are 5/4″ thick and very sturdy. Here is another shot from the side to show the interior:

After my husband makes mine (he doesn’t know I’ve elected him for this job yet!), I’ll upload my own images but I wanted to provide Rob’s here just as an example.

I’m not too concerned about getting this done in spring because I haven’t much to put in it. Come fall though, when all those maple leaves drop then I will! I have to be very careful though what goes into this because I am trying to get organically certified through the state of Washington and I’ll have to follow up with their requirements.