These are the structures that help support my farm.


Most of my projects are yet to be fulfilled (as in they are still in the mental planning phase!). Much of what I do on my property is dependent on something else being done first. For example, I can’t plant my plants in the greenhouse because either the deck it’s going to sit on is not done or the back acreage isn’t done being groomed and prepped. I can’t prep the land until the draining trench is dug, pipe laid, and covered with rock. And I can’t do any of that until it stops raining!

But when I do get to that stage of actually doing my projects, here’s a list of what I intend to work on:


    • Building an Earth oven
    • Building and maintaining a compost bin
    • Designing and building a root cellar
    • Shade and sun greenhouses
    • Designing and building a water feature