Starting an Orchard (Fruits and Nuts)

It’s good to get your trees going as soon as possible as it takes a minimum of two years for them to bear fruit/nuts.

Nut Trees

Any good farm or garden is going to have plenty of fruit and nut trees. Nut trees that do well in the Pacific Northwest are almond, walnut and filberts (hazelnut). I bought all three just this spring.

Fruit Trees

We have apple, pear, cherry, peach and a plum tree. Two of our four apple trees died so I plan on getting more this spring as we need the correct pollinators.


Hot then cold: I have a terrific plum tree but last year we had a warm spell followed by cold so the bees could not do their pollinating magic. This year looks a lot more promising. Technically, you could manually do your pollination with a clean paint brush but we’re talking thousands of flowers on the plum tree!

Snow: We have a nice peach tree but lost 50% of it to snow this last winter. Now I know that if we have a lot of snow outside to give the tree a good shake to get the heavy snow off of it before it breaks the branches. This happened to our plum tree last year as well.

Critters: Now, as to how we handle the critters who want to feast on our fruit tree fare, we put up a fence this year so this took care of the deer but the birds are a bit harder. I tried putting up sparkly tie wrap but it doesn’t seem to discourage them. I heard cd disks might work too but have not tried them.