Building My Top Soil

March 20th
The back section of my acreage (about one quarter of an acre in size) was previously crumbling alders, rock, invasive blackberries and weeds. It also had a steep decline in terrain. Between my husband, his friend Jason and the help of a bulldozer we were able to level much of it. A trench was dug out, pipe and rock laid and we’re about ready to bring in the one hundred yards of top soil. The downside to all of this is that most of the soil’s nutrients got either washed away or shaved and moved off to another section of our land. So I’m working with non living barren soil and that’s not an optimal start to my garden! So I’m hoping with the 100 yards of garden top soil, this will help repair the land. I’ll also be growing cover crops this winter to replenish the nitrogen and build back up the richness of the soil.

April 12th
A skid-steer is being delivered this Friday and I’m having 100 cubic yards of garden quality top soil delivered by Pacific Top soil. Tim is then going to use the skid-steer to move it around.

Once the soil is spread out, our helper, Arturo, is going to bring a farm grade rototiller and hopefully till in the new soil with the raw original soil.