Xhosa Herb


Lucid/Prophetic Herbal Dream Trials

I have heard very positive things about the Xhosa herb for lucid and prophetic dreams. I am already an avid dreamer and sometimes lucid so I am curious as to what effects this herb will have. I am currently growing my own Xhosa herb in my medicinal herb garden but the grower recommends that you not use the root until the second year, so this is why I’m using another herb supplier. I will have my own, including for public sale, in 2013.

Name: Xhosa Herb (Silene Capensis or Undlela Ziimhlophe which translates as “white paths” or “white ways”)

Active Chemical: Triterpenoid saponins

Supplier: KT Botanicals

History of Herb: This is a south African sacred herb used by diviners, shaman and tribes people to induce lucid or prophetic dreams. The portion of the herb that is used are the roots, which are ground up into a powder (though some people either chew the root directly or mix the root, un-ground, in water). If ground, it is recommended that the root be ground as near as possible to the morning of consumption, or it will lose its potency and may also oxidize.

Method of Ingestion: The traditional method (the Froth Method), states that the mixture should be consumed in the morning before food intake. It calls for one heaping tablespoon of the root powder mixed with 1.5 liters of water. Then, with a wooden forked utensil, it is to be vigorously mixed until a foamy froth appears. The user then ingests the froth until bloating and burping occurs (these instructions aren’t exactly specific if you ask me. I will try and articulate further for my own trials). The remaining mixture can be used on subsequent days.

Note: I personally will add a tiny bit of honey and some drops of vodka for preservation of the concoction and then store in the refrigerator.

Mortar and pestle: I just purchased a stone (granite) three cup mortar and pestle. My husband has a chemistry degree and said that wood can absorb bacteria and ceramic is often porous and will stain.
Stirring utensil: I’ve read other people’s Xhosa notes stating that when they used a metal utensil, the hairs from the root stuck to it, so a wooden forked utensil would be better.

Goal: My goal is twofold. One, I want to have experience with this herb so that I can offer advice and recommendations to other users. Second, I want to see if I can use this for prophesy. Many of my dreams come true but most are of an uncontrolled nature. I’m hoping for a more lucid level of participation in my dreamsn, rather than a passive bystander.

June 20th, 2012. I have ordered 70 grams of Xhosa roots from KT Botanicals. Awaiting arrival! I have also ordered my Mortar and pestle.