Growing Mushrooms

I purchased my Shiitake, Reishi and Pearl mushroom plugs from Fungi Perfecti. I had my husband cut down the already deteriorating alders and I inoculated about ten logs (about 4 feet in length and 14 inches in diameter which is recommended by Fungi Perfecti). We drilled a hole with a 5/16” drill bit and tapped the plugs inside using a rubber mallet with 4” spacing in between holes. I inserted two thousand plugs! It is stated on Fungi Perfecti’s website that it takes nine months to a year for the spores to grow so hopefully in 2013 I’ll get to enjoy my very own mushrooms.

Currently, the logs are laying down but when the mushrooms begin to grow, I’ll be placing the logs upright. These logs need a cool wet environment, which the Pacific Northwest offers with little help!

Mushrooms are not only good with food but can be used medicinally. In terms of helping with cancer, some mushrooms show a protective and regenerative effect on cells while other studies show mushrooms to possess compounds that are anti-tumorigenic.