Here it is, mid November and the garden is at rest. The squashes and pumpkins are stored in the garden building, the calendula, hops, jalapenos and nasturtiums have been dried and set aside in glass jars. Tinctures have been prepared and they too are ready for the winter.

This is a good time of year to gather some bees wax, oils and dried flowers and make some nice balms. It’s also a good time to organize what seeds I didn’t use and see what can be used next spring, and order more if necessary. One project I took on was the organizing of seeds on my own seed rack. I was surprised to see that I still had over 150 varieties of vegetables, herbs and medicinal herbs in my possession. I purchased some new VHS containers, put them in there, with labels on the outside. I donated my old VHS movies and am now using the wood racks for my seeds. This way the seeds will stay nice and dry in their container, are alphabetized and are easy to find. This was my husband’s idea so credit must go to him!

The leaves have mostly fallen and the skies are predominantly grey. I have to look at my summer pictures to remind myself how pretty it can be here! All but the most stubborn of calendula and nasturtiums have lost their petals but pleasingly, I can still pluck cabbage, carrots, a few herbs, garlic, onions, beets and some leeks from the garden. I also let numerous types of lettuces go to seed and they have already sprouted and are getting some height to them.

Happy Fall!

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