When I was a young girl I wanted to grow up and work in forestry for I loved nature beyond measure. But as I grew older I was told time and time again that getting into that industry was next to impossible, even with a prestigious land management or forestry degree. I didn’t grow up with any financial assistance so my college efforts were geared towards something I could make a living off of rather quickly. So I ended up pursuing careers that fed me physically but were not emotionally or spiritually nourishing.
In my 30’s I purchased what was about as close to my dream home and land as I could imagine for the means I had available, though it was considerably in ‘the rough’. The land was overgrown with blackberries, deteriorating alders that were falling dangerously close to the house, and poor drainage caused issues of its own. Over the next decade, and with the invaluable help of my brilliant husband, we started to create a lovely retreat where we could enjoy the outdoors, our dogs and our garden.
In the fall of 2011 my husband indulged me on expanding my small ‘hobby’ garden into a much larger and more sustainable garden. The back part of our two and a half acres was pretty much raw/wild land with the bulk of it being weeds, blackberry bushes and rock. So with the help of some friends and work of our own, we started to bulldoze and clear the land, bring in top soil and mulch, and work on developing the bones of the new garden space. I had one very small greenhouse (6’ x 8’) and quickly purchased two more (6’ x 12’) to make room for my soon-to-be arriving babies (seedlings!).
I recently joined the Seed Savers Exchange and ordered about 50 different organic, heirloom seeds for my new garden. I am trying to be as environmentally conscious as ever so I do not buy hybrid seeds, anything even remotely related to GMO or ones that are not certified organic.
This site is more than just about gardening. It’s also about sustainability in as natural a fashion as possible. At 46 years old I still had not made a single loaf of bread that wasn’t a sugary banana or zucchini bread! So much of what our society consumes is purchased at the local store and not made from scratch. We’re losing the ability to feed ourselves by our own hands and naturally and that concerns me.
So here I am, along with any reader who is interested, starting my journey down a path of natural organic and sustainable living. Here I can share my love of gardening, nature, and beautiful landscaping as well as how to’s such as building your own earth oven, how the heck is cheese made, preserving, drying and so much more.
Enjoy my site and feel free to drop me a line!