Welcome to Annie’s Farm Web Page!

Here you’ll share with me the experience of creating and maintaining numerous aspects of sustainable living! Though I’m rather new to much of this, I plan to cover many subjects that range from growing mushrooms, raising chickens, creating great living soil and other topics that help people ween themselves off of “Supermarkets”, and limited resource suppliers should our world go amuck.


Here’s some of the following subjects that I will cover:

  • How to grow mushrooms
  • Canning your fruits and vegetables
  • How to make an earth oven
  • Growing organic produce
  • Raising chickens
  • How to build and maintain compost
  • Starting an Orchard (fruits and nuts)
  • Drying food
  • Building and using a root cellar
  • The value and creation of cover crops
  • Shade and sun greenhouses
  • Herbal medicines